About this course

The Health Evangelism training is an intensive seven-month program designed to give individuals the competencies needed to create and develop evangelism programs with a deep understanding of the Gospel and God’s methods of healing. In this course we have a combination of theoretical and practical classes which prepares the students for a missionary life. In the classroom they are taught: spiritual, medical and business management. 


⁃Age between 18-48 years old

⁃At least, completed the secondary education

⁃English language (fluently)

⁃Church reference letter.


+ How to study the Bible
+ Plan of Salvation (Sanctuary)
+ Knowing God’s will
+ Science of Prayer
+ Christian Home
+ Christian Living
+ Prophetic Guidance
+ Adventist History
+ Adventist Fundamental Believes
+ Daniel & Revelation
+ Discipleship & Soul Winning
+ Homiletics & Public Speaking
+ Multiplication Movement
+ Planting Home Groups
+ Principles of Education


+ Human Psychology
+ Principles of Health
+ Mental Health
+ Ministry of Healing
+ Anatomy & Physiology
+ First Aid
+ Common Diseases & Treatments
+ Hydrotherapy
+ Herbal therapy
+ Massage & Physiotherapy
+ Health Expo
+ Overcoming Addictions
+ Healthy Gardening practices
+ Principles of Nutrition
+ Cooking Clubs


+ Introduction to Self-Sustaining
+ Witnessing
+ Business & Project Management
+ Team Work & Mentorship
+ Keys to Success
+ How to solve problems?
+ Centres of Influence
+ How to work with the church organization as a Tentmaker

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Weekly, the students also have mission programs when they go into the villages, practicing Jesus’s method of caring for people and helping them in their needs with natural remedies or other physical and spiritual help. 

During the training, the school organizes many mission projects , like health expos, health clubs, canvassing, pilot projects, that will be a source of inspiration and unforgettable experiences for them. 

are you ready?

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