Student Policy Manual

Thank you for your interest in ACCESS Training. Before filling in this application, please read the Student Policy Manual. We encourage you to prayerfully consider, whether the purpose and objectives on the school are those you can wholeheartedly uphold, if you will be accepted.

Passport and contact information

The fields with yellow border are required.


Background Information


Please give us contact to three persons who know you well and can give a recommendation for you and are not related to you. First one should be your pastor.

First Reference

Second Reference


Physical Data Record

Please list any physical problems you have had or have at present and
give details: Such as back trouble, heart trouble, etc.

If you have ever had surgery, please explain what type and when:

General Information

The Providential leading of God in your life.

When did you fully accept Christ as your personal Savior, Master, and Lord and yield your life in full service to Him?

What events have led you to consider study in ACCESS Mission School?

Please explain your philosophy and practice of the principles of health.

State your convictions regarding your philosophy of Christian Education and how these have influenced your life and that of your family

What do you understand to be the role of the writings of Ellen G. White in the Seventh-day Adventist Church? In what way have they influenced your life? Please explain the extent to which you have familiarized yourself with her books.

Do you enjoy studying the Scriptures and are they a regular part of your private and family worship? Describe their role in directing your family's life.

ACCESS Mission School has a Student Policy Manual. Students at any level do not have authority to make special arrangements that conflict with or go beyond the provisions of the Student Policy Manual. After an evaluation of your application, should it seem that the Lord is leading us together, we will send you a copy of the Student Policy Manual for your review. This will help us to move towards completion of the application process. You will be asked to sign a Students Policy Agreement that you will uphold the provisions of this Policy Manual.

I have read and answered the above and am in full harmony with the principles herein. If ACCESS Mission School accepts me as a student, I will fully support and promote the philosophy and principles for which it stands.

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